Bitcoin in BC (British Columbia)

Bitcoin in BC (British Columbia)

Bitcoin in the Greater Vancouver region.

Vancouver is considered a Cryptocurrency hub.  Vancouver is the home to a variety of crypto and blockchain related companies.

The Crypto phenomenon Cryptokitties is based out of Vancouver.  Cryptokitties is one of the few cryptocurrency companies that has been very successful. Cryptokitties are exactly as the name describes. They are digital customizeable kitties. These digital kitties are very unique and have become a collectible phenomenom since it’s inception.

Mining and Blockchain companies such has Hive mining and DMG blockchain are also based out of Vancouver BC.

Vancouver is also home to some of the largest Bitcoin meetup groups such as the Bitcoin Vancouver meetup. The group focuses on cryptocurrency related topics and current issues arising in the industry. The group is very active and new people are always welcome.

The city has also witnessed the rise and fall of a couple Bitcoin exchanges.  The latest cryptocurrency trading platform to be defunct is Einstein Exchange.  Previous to Einstein,  QuadrigaCX is another exchange which has been out of commission for a while, also based out of Vancouver, BC.

Coinpayments which is an international payment gateway for e-commerce solutions is originally from the area as well. They have integrated into many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

Bitcoin atm’s can be seen spread across the province from Vancouver island, Victoria, Nanaimo, Surrey, Kelowna, Kamloops, Richmond, Burnaby, and of course Vancouver.

Vancouver is also the first city to ever have a Bitcoin atm!

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