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Buying & Selling Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash, akin to traditional money but existing exclusively online. Unlike regular currency, it operates without a central authority, enabling direct transactions between users and ensuring speed. When you send or receive Bitcoin, you don’t need a bank in the middle to make sure it happens. All transactions are publicly recorded in the blockchain, a transparent and secure digital ledger. Bitcoin creation, known as mining, involves solving complex math problems for rewards. Limited to 21 million, Bitcoin shares similarities with gold in scarcity and value, with the final one estimated to be mined in 2140.

  • You are spending $3,000 to buy Bitcoin
  • Our fee for this trade is 5%
  • The current spot price of Bitcoin is $30,000
  • You will receive (3,000*0.95)/30,000 = 0.095 BTC
  • You are purchasing 0.1 BTC
  • Our fee for this trade is 5%
  • The current spot price of Bitcoin is $30,000
  • It will cost you (0.1*30,000*1.05) = $3,150
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Bitcoin FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

At Vancouver Bitcoin we make purchasing Bitcoin simple. Simply contact us or visit one of our branches . We can transact by cash, e-transfer, bill pay, and even wire transfers.

Many beginners start buying Bitcoin at an ATM. However, Bitcoin ATMs charge high fees and are not secure. They also don’t provide any customer support. For beginners, we recommend visiting a retail store like Vancouver Bitcoin which offers competitive fees, secure transactions and industry-leading customer support.
Buy Bitcoin and crypto with cash, e-transfer, bill payment and wire transfer.
Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are highly volatile. This means that their prices can fluctuate wildly. As such, investing in Bitcoin is considered highly speculative and riskier than investing in more traditional financial products like stocks and bonds.

Yes, you can convert Bitcoin to cash in-person at one of our store locations.

Yes, you can visit one of our branches in Vancouver and Surrey. Find your nearest branch here.

Bitcoin is available on a variety of wallets that users can hold their tokens on. Many users tend to learn towards a private wallet such as Exodus to store their funds. More advanced security options include purchasing a cold wallet such as a Trezor cold wallet to hold your funds. Cold wallets provide an additional layer of security by keeping your funds offline. Interested in purchasing a Trezor cold
wallet? Visit one of our branches in Vancouver or Surrey to get one for yourself today! Vancouver Bitcoin is an Authorized Trezor Reseller.

Bitcoin is accepted at a variety of vendors! Vancouver has a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes that accept Bitcoin.