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Digibyte on Binance – Binance officially lists DGB

Digibyte on Binance – Binance officially lists DGB Is DigiByte on Binance? As of June 2020, the answer is yes. Binance officially made DigiByte trading pairs available on June 22nd. Now, it is possible to trade Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and BUSD for DigiByte, just like hundreds of other altcoins. Will

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PayPal and Venmo Crypto Support – What Do You Need to Know?

Are PayPal and Venmo crypto purchases on the horizon? According to Forbes, they might be. Hot of the press Bitcoin news suggests that PayPal will soon allow users to buy cryptocurrency instantly using their PayPal wallet balance. Further rumors suggest that Venmo crypto purchases are also in the pipeline. The

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Bitcoin Stock to Flow

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model Says Bitcoin Goes to $100K Soon or Goes Bust According to Twitter cryptocurrency market analyst PlanB, Bitcoin is about to become bullish, with a likely to rise to a new all-time high of $100,000 on the cards. The Bitcoin stock to flow model that PlanB

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Why is Ethereum Going Up?

Is Ethereum a Good Investment in June 2020? Why is Ethereum going up? Is ETH just riding on the coattails of Bitcoin? Or is recent development progress driving ETH prices higher? Over the past 7-days, the Ethereum price has been surging on exchanges by as much as 22%. Trading in

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Bitcoin and Black America

The 2019 book Bitcoin and Black America is currently trending on social media. In Bitcoin and Black America, author Isaiah Jackson, argues that  African Americans are showing less interest in cryptocurrency than white Americans. However, this assumption is slightly at odds with recent data from Coinbase. Are African Americans at

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The Digital Dollar Project

The Digital Dollar Project – What is it & What do You Need to Know? The Digital Dollar Project is causing a major buzz on the cryptocurrency news scene. On May 28th, the Digital Dollar Project made available a new whitepaper outlining its vision for a new digital version of

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Will Dogecoin Explode? Why is Dogecoin rising?

Will Dogecoin Explode? Why is Dogecoin rising? Why is Dogecoin rising in value? Will Dogecoin explode this year? More importantly, is now an opportune time to invest? Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that many people love to hate. Literally a joke coin, Dogecoin was launched in December 2013, to demonstrate

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Electroneum Exchanges

Electroneum Exchanges – Where is the Best Place to Buy ETN? Electroneum (ETN) claims to be the perfect mobile cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Electroneum is striving to become the easiest digital asset to use for real-world payments. However, Electroneum exchanges are currently few and far between. Are you planning on adding Electroneum

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Is Poor Litecoin Price Performance the Result of Poor Foundation Funding?

Like all most major altcoins, the Litecoin price on exchanges typically rides on the coattails of Bitcoin. However, Litecoin’s long-term performance in comparison to other altcoins is starting to look decidedly poor. Will Litecoin ever re-test former highs? While it might one day, there are nevertheless, a few troubling things

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