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Electroneum Exchanges – Where is the Best Place to Buy ETN?

Electroneum (ETN) claims to be the perfect mobile cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Electroneum is striving to become the easiest digital asset to use for real-world payments. However, Electroneum exchanges are currently few and far between.

Are you planning on adding Electroneum to your portfolio? If so, below you’ll find a list of exchanges where it is possible to buy ETN. We’ll also look at why Electroneum is finding increasing favor among investors.

Electroneum Exchanges – How to Buy Electroneum in 2020

Electronemum is one of a handful of reputable altcoins which, nevertheless, suffers from relatively poor exchange support.

First launching in September 2017, Electroneum made its debut on the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. However, the 2019 closure of Cryptopia left ETN with no meaningful exchange support.

Thankfully, more exchanges are now beginning to support Electoneum. At present, it is possible to buy Electroneum at:

  • Kucoin
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • OEX
  • Liquid

For most people, Kucoin represents the easiest way to buy Electroneum. This is thanks to the fact that Kucoin allows both U.S and EU users to make direct fiat cash deposits. After depositing fiat, it is then possible to buy Bitcoin to trade instantly for ETN.

On other Electrineum exchanges, it is still possible to buy ETN. However, it will first be necessary to deposit Bitcoin you already own to do so.

Why is Investing in Electroneum a Good Idea?

For most of the past year, Electroneum has been trading sideways at $0.003.

However, Electroneum development over the past 12-months looks set to soon put ETN on the radar of more investors.

Electroneum Launches Any Task

In January this year, Electroneum was successful in launching its very own freelance jobs portal.

Similar to Fiverr, Any Task allows online entrepreneurs to buy and sell a wide range of digital services. The launch of Any Task also mirrors attempts by Ethereum and Bitcoin SV to conjure favor with freelancers. However, Any Task is a little different.

  • At Any Task, new users can buy freelance services directly using regular credit or debit cards. This frees new users from the inconvenience of first having to buy cryptocurrency at exchanges.
  • Any Task does not impose minimum or maximum transaction sizes. This is important, as existing platforms like Fivebucks limit freelancers to selling services for $5. However, at Any Task, freelancers can charge as much as they like for their services.
  • Any Task is fee-free. This is important, as other cryptocurrency-powered freelance platforms like Ethlance, force freelancers pay to send job proposals to clients.

Electroneum Launches Its Own Smartphone

As well as founding the fastest-growing crypto-powered freelance platform online, Electroneum has also recently launched its very own budget smartphone.

Currently only available in Cambodia, the M1 Electroneum smartphone comes with built-in support for ETN mobile payments. Launch of the M1 is also the first stage of an ongoing Electroneum development roadmap, that includes the launch of an ETN powered mobile learning platform.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Electroneum?

At present, Electroneum is the only digital asset that is actively developing real ways to get more people using, earning, and spending cryptocurrency. Even better, at just $0.003, ETN is one of the markets’ most new investor-friendly altcoins. This being the case, many might argue that adding ETN to an existing investment portfolio would be a smart move.


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