Buy & Sell Crypto Through E-Transfer

Buy and sell crypto through E-Transfer seamlessly.

Graphic illustration of two phones making an etransfer through their crypto account.
About our Service

Seamless and Secure Crypto Purchases with E-transfer

E-transfer payments offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to effortlessly convert your fiat currency into exciting cryptocurrencies. Say goodbye to the hassle of lengthy verification processes or waiting periods—e-transfer transactions are near-instantaneous, enabling you to seize opportunities in the fast-paced crypto market. Join the digital revolution today and embrace the future of finance with e-transfer-enabled crypto purchases.

How it Works

Buy & Sell Crypto with Interac e-Transfer in 3 Easy Steps

The same process applies to selling Bitcoin with E-transfers.

Create an Account

Set up your account and start trading in a few minutes. Choose your account type – Individual or Business and verify. Get started here.

Email Us

After you've created an account, email Vancouver Bitcoin. Tell the customer service representative that you have completed the process. They can verify this instantly.

Get Crypto or Payment

Inform Vancouver Bitcoin's customer service of the e-Transfer amount. Complete the Interac e-Transfer request via your email. Receive bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet, within minutes.