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Buy Bitcoin in Canada with Interac E-transfer
Step 1
First you must go through our KYC process. KYC stands for know your customer. The process is outsourced to a 3rd party provider. It is simple, secure and quick.
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Step 2
After the KYC process has completed email Vancouver Bitcoin. Tell the customer service representative that you have completed the process. They can verify this instantly.
Step 3
Before sending the E-transfer tell the customer service representative at Vancouver Bitcoin how much you will be sending. Wait for our support team to respond and then proceed by sending the amount, the password and your Bitcoin address.
The same process applies to selling Bitcoin with E-transfers
At Vancouver Bitcoin we’ve made the transaction process as simple as possible for anyone. We are here to help walk you through the steps. If you need help choosing the right Bitcoin wallet, or if you have a crypto related question, just ask, it’s that easy.
The Local Bitcoin Retailer you can Trust
Vancouver Bitcoin has been helping Canadians adopt Bitcoin since 2017. From newcomers to long time Bitcoin veterans. We offer a safe, friendly, and professional service for our clients to buy and sell Bitcoin. We have helped thousands of newcomers create wallets and begin their crypto journeys.
Speedy Service
Once you are verified and we have received the e-transfer the transaction will be finished within minutes.
Real Customer Support
There are no automated responses or chat bots. You will be dealing with a real human being at all times.
Trusted by thousands
We have 5 star reviews from people across Canada for our services on Google.
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