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Simply buy, sell and trade USD Coin with Vancouver Bitcoin.

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Accessible USD Coin Trading

Founded in 2018, Vancouver Bitcoin is improving access to USD Coin for Canadians.


Years in the cryptocurrency business.


5-Star reviews from our happy customers.

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Buying & Selling USD Coin

What is USD Coin?

USDC, a stablecoin, maintains a 1-to-1 backing to the US dollar, offering stability amid crypto volatility. This makes it appealing for payments, remittances, and trading. Recognized for transparency and regulatory compliance, USDC undergoes regular audits, instilling confidence in users and investors. Its integration into blockchain apps, DeFi protocols, and smart contracts enhances utility, facilitating lending, borrowing, yield farming, and more.

  • Example Price: USDC: $1.35 (Canadian Dollars)
  • Let’s say you would like to buy $5,000 worth of USD Coin
  • Our Fees for a $5,000 Transaction is 5%
  • $5,000 x 0.95 = $4,750
  • In turn, you would receive $4,750 worth of USD Coin. If the price is $1.35 at the time of purchase, you would receive 3,518.50 USDC
  • Example Price:USDC: $1.35 (Canadian Dollars)
  • Let’s say you would like to sell 5000 USD Coin
  • The example price is $1.35 per USD Coin. 5000 USD Coin would equal $6,750. Our Fees for a $6,750 Transaction is 5%
  • $6750 x 0.95 = $6,412.50
  • In turn, you would receive $6,412.50 in cash if the price of USD Coin is $1.35 at the time of the transaction
3D generated photo of a USD Coin Crypto. Buy, sell, and trade USD coin with Vancouver Bitcoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Vancouver Bitcoin we make purchasing USD Coin simple. Simply contact us or visit one of our branches. We can transact by cash, e-transfer, bill pay, and even wire transfers.

Most users of USD Coin, purchase to trade. Because of its stability, traders prefer to purchase USD Coin to trade to other coins.

We offer transactions in cash, e-transfers, bill pay, and wire transfers.

USD Coin is a stablecoin. As a stablecoin it remains pegged to the US Dollar. It’s considered a near-zero volatility token. It is recommended to speak with a financial advisor before purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Any cryptocurrencies can be purchased remotely. At Vancouver Bitcoin you can purchase USD Coin at the comfort of your home via e-transfer, bill pay or wire transfers.

Yes, you can visit one of our branches in Vancouver and Surrey. Find your nearest branch here.
USD Coin is available on a variety of wallets that users can hold their tokens on. Many users tend to lean towards a private wallet such as Exodus or Metamask Wallet to store their funds. More advanced security options include purchasing a Cold wallet such as a Trezor Cold Wallet to hold your funds. Cold wallets provide an additional layer of security by keeping your funds offline. Interested in purchasing a Trezor Cold Wallet? Visit one of our branches in Vancouver or Surrey to get one for yourself today! Vancouver Bitcoin is an Authorized Trezor Reseller.
USD Coin can be used as a form of payment on various websites. Notably used in the United States, companies such as AMC Theaters and Newegg accept USD Coin transactions.